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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Manila went on 35 degrees Celsius in temperature and to save my weekend, I pulled out one of the tanks I bought in Superstar. You don't know how insanely broke I was during a boring summer weekend. LOL. It's really like waiting for a drop of rain! LOL. My dad and brother went to Tagaytay along with my ninong last Friday, but unfortunately I had to come at work so poor me. So to save my dying blog I posted a blog giveaway (and it's the first! and I think will be the last LOL)I already posted the blog winner earlier and I'm glad that someone I really know will get my prizes!

Since my dad was so supportive bout my hair and advised to shoot more often til my natural hair come fully grown, which I'm doing! Every week I rant my sister to shoot with me. HAHA! Thank God she's so inspired to come with me! XD
This leopard tank is one of my fave wild one. I'm maximizing summer with these kinds of tanks as exceptions to  wear. It was like now or never scenario during this season. And as someone who sweats forever like me. This is one of the first in line! Paired it with a cover-up denim vest and a light carrot washed out pants. I was supposed to wear my brown belt with white holes in it but guess what? My  dad took it and was wearing it all along in Tagaytay! HAHA Cool dad eh? I'm like their source of accessories, not to mention my mom sneaks for my shades! XD Going back, I feel like my style is piercing thru different taste than my usual ones, as I become more daring and more rough. But wearing my camel boots means that I'm still the only one who wears something like it (I believe, so far).

What I'm wearing: Clubmaster, SM Dept | Leopard mesh tank, Fizij, Superstar | Denim Vest, Thrifted | Washed out jeans, Black Jack, Top and Bottom | Black belt, Thrifted | Socks, Thrifted Baguio | Camel Hiking Boots, Red Skin
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On the other hand, Bloggers United is finally pushing it thru on June 2
and even if I'm not part as a contributor, I want to come and see my co-bloggers who've been expecting me to these events ever since. Good thing that they made it Saturday so it'll be easy for me to squeeze it in my schedule. ;D I just don't know what to wear on that day and who to come with. hehe. It'll be my first time to socialize with fellow bloggers, so I have to make an impression. XD For now, I'm holding on to my tanks and cut off clothes since it's still so friggin hot. <3
God Bless everyone!


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