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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet + Salty = One One

    Last night the HR gave us boxes of Monde One One Rice Snacks each. Have I emphasized the word EACH? Yess! Funny how huge it was! And my eyes went to it's largest! LOL XD They said that some GENEROUS clients have the heart to actually give us some of their products. Like before they said, Nissin had their share to us which had a story of course.  thought this is something new in the market. And without further request, I am blogging this new snack. Ok, first I love it's packaging. You know guys how I fancy Japanese packaging right? It's bright pink and bubbly cute. Because time was passing my dinner, I got myself a bite on how does it taste (or even just throw the entire thing in the bin. kiddin' LOL) Well, it tasted like mix of salty sweet. I haven't yet tasted any edible such as like this or if it's just one of the Asian snacks that I wasn't aware of perhaps. XD I quite love salty foods, and I think this will be one of my mouth's past time. XD I just need to finish the entire box this Holy Week. Fasting that is if I can and if I won't die. XD LOL

P.S.: You don't know how I brought this at home. <humiliating> XD



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