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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pizza x Bowling

Good times that I miss during college, along with my friends. I didn't missed the chance to have a day with them. I missed them. They never fail to make me frown. The whole college memories just came back in a span of less than 24hrs. How I miss it and how less stressful life as a student than being a working guy. Though some wasn't able to come with us, I felt happy hearing again their crazy stuffs.

I'm glad that it was some sort of a celebration made as a mini reunion as everyone had their share of sides and chitchats. Improvements, not to mention rank in the position. <insert applause> Happy that we got into a blessed desired position (almost hehe) and the good part? We don't think twice when we spend enough time and money to enjoy every moment with each other's company,

Because it was scorching hot that day, I don't wanna reach the mall looking like a rugged doll.
I travelled wearing tanks and good thing it was a bit windy that afternoon.
Thank God MOA already has a private restroom. With fee, so what? At least I can breathe in and out comfortably with less of a crowd.

We actually played hide and seek in the Dept store. I was the one looking for them and
was about to throw my phone because they were very specific about their location. Great. T.T

Hungriness we headed to Yellow Cab before anything else. Even shopping XD

We ate at Yellow Cab as per Senior Artist hehe A treat that never fails to make me full. Thank you Medardo Villafranca! XD
 The man who can't be moved. lol
 Crying ladies

 Maggie's Tutti Frutti nails.

Eds (we call him "father" because he went to seminary before entering college, don't ask bout the details.)

The polka dotted bitch lol. Lavett
 Hello! rawr
 Robel, she's a Graphic Artist too, a photographer and a part time martyr. kiddin' LOL



Then we went to the bowling centre after resting from our pizza feast.

dolly love!
Since the plan is really to play bowling, I was so excited to show my new cutie socks that my friend Joseph gave me!

And it is H&M on a sale. Woot! Thanksee much Joseph!

I play billiards too! :D


The Buzz!
evil grin hihi

which is which

We camwhored again after I WON the game <evil laugh> XD

Oh look it's me! Blurred damn it. T.T LOL XD

hoho I'm leading!

restrooms have good lighting!

After which, we went outside to see the bayside. And I asked Bel to take my look photo (which I'll be posting after this blog!)

We never got away with these two LOL

Bloopers of Sharmaine XD
She surprises me with her dress <3

<rolling eyes> LOL XD

This was my first time to try Cha Time, but I only chose their Starwberry Kiwi juice. The best!
Never knew it has certain amount of sugar that I was passive when asked, so I got it 100% sweetened. Eek! XD

I never knew it was so awesome to take photo at night! I f you'd browse my looks I never got any shots during night
as I'm afraid it's a waste and will never get good shots. XD

I like it a lot! XP

Still look awesome right? the details are still sharp. Great! :3

This is father's car we now call red butterfly. LOL. We decided to come with him overnight in Bulacan.
I was not prepared for this. XD

Oishi XD

Meet my new baby bff Snowy! suu~ cute ^ω^
...and fluffy hihi >ω<
As we were not prepared for the "recollection" LOL XP

Good Morning Snowy! >o<
Early morning we prepared ourselves to leave early after we took breakfast.
Right then I realized the purpose of bringing my tank. XD

Though it was so hard to say goodbye with mi fluffy friend Snowy, who I was with overnight hugging oh so tight <hayss>
As I needed to say goodbye.

Dear Snowy,
I know you're one of a kind, eventhough I only got to
hold you in my arms, you will always be still in my heart. 

P.s.: Will someone give me exactly the same thing! XD

I felt satisfied after meeting again my friends and meeting a new fluffy one. And the fact that my vacation didn't put into waste because I really had so much fun with them. It was all worth to come, laugh and share with them overnight. I know there would be more like this because we are planning to go on a summer break for a swim! That's a teaser! Excoited me!

So til next time guys!
Next post will be my look photos. ;D


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