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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter Shopping!

    Last Easter Sunday I went home early morning coming from an escapade with my college friends (as posted earlier). I was supposed to come with my new friend Lookbooker Aries for a swim in Laguna near his friend. But I felt really dead tired and since the rooms are for couples, I had no accompany. XD So I thought, since I'M SINGLE and I didn't wanna sleep alone and/or squeeze in with them in 1 room, I decided to shop by myself to update my stuffs. I went to Tutuban and 168 mall where I find the nicest but cheapest clothes I buy. First stop is to my favorite Korean store named "Superstar" (gosh, I only found the name as I noticed the plastic bag. lol). Here's what I got:

Guess how much is it? I got it 2 tanks for Php150.00 only! Noice right?! HA! So with temptation I indulged myself with 2 pairs! HAHA! Since it's summer and it's so friggin' hot now, I chose mesh ones and of course ones that I could wear inside for work (I just need more buttoned downs for these). XD

 yes those are see through!

Leopard <3

After which I thought I need more bracelets like beads in different colors! I'm into it.
Why? It looks propper, for me it looks unisex and it cools my eyes to see. I think I've replaced my suedes with these beads. hehe. 
Sometimes I feel Chinese when I wear these. XD
The white one with a gold bar, I bought one exactly the same but in black in Tickles for like Php300 something while
I bought it for Php90.00 only! Not to mention the lady was so nice to give me a discount.
I was so disappointed to myself after buying this, realizing the negativity in impulse buying. X(

Now this is one of the accessories I've been crazy about. Belts! It somehow gives more highlight with my looks.
That's why I invested with different colors. It gives such cut with my petite body. Must love it when mix and matching! ;)
I bought the white belt inside Tutuban mall for Php120.00 (original price Php150.00) But when I went out the side walk I found the exact same thing in black as I was also planning to buy! And I just got it Php80.00 (original price Php100.00)! Grr.. right? Ugh! That's Lesson #2 for me! X(
Just what I will need in the future - Monochromatic belts for styling!

    So there you go guys. I'm extremely imposing that impulse buying is not so good all the times. You could think that it could be the last thing in the world that if you lose it you'll lose being gorgeous and looking good. But NO, think what if you weren't able to pass by and see that thing? Then you wouldn't be that crazy and impulsed to buy it. Make sense? Think 100 of times even if you can afford to buy it and even if you're in the cheapest place in the world. ;) You wouldn't do it until you experienced what I did. :3


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