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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brainstorming Saturday

    A friend messaged me about something huge and surprising. And until now I can't get over with it. She entrusted me and my "team" for this. So I ecstatically beeped my b*tches for this exciting project. The original plan was to visit our school since we miss it so much already and watch Avengers. I really wanted to push it last saturday so to convince Sharmaine to come, I just treated her! I really missed these b*tches! But then plan was changed because it was effin hot that afternoon that I was all fucked up sweatin' omw to meet them. We ended up brainstorming at TriNoma mall. There wa so many people because of the movie and to seclude ourselves we landed our assess on Seattle's Best.


    I'm glad that they're also pleasured to support our friend with this coming "thing". The shoot will be Tuesday, May 1 (tomorrow/holiday. yey!) And I'm keeping my fingers crossed to finished everything up really quick especially that we all have a job and deadline is coming! Will pray for this! :|

That's it for the tease guys! I will keep u posted as soon as we finish this! ;D


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