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Saturday, April 7, 2012

♡ FlΔtterΞd HeΔrbĘΔts ♡

I was browsing Tricia's looks earlier that Sunday while listening to Marie Digby's "Your Love" album and it hit me with an idea as I found one her clothes totally matched my pieces. My pink shorts as well as my shoes. I instantly got inspired with it, so I put everything together. I find it really plain boring just with my white v-neck and pink shorts, so I thought I need something to pile on, to add a layer. I grabbed my dad's old vest which is quite big for me at Large size. I D.I.Y.ed it with a heart from my sister's stuff toy puppy. (Sorry puppy) Without the heart I will totally replicate a photo journalist. LOL XD
 This is my dad's vest. You guys just have to be resourceful! *wink Large size
 Heart from my a puppy toy </3

 Kawaii socks! Ggrrr.. so into you! :3

 I just don't like wearing shorts often because I hate my knees. ;<

 How'd you like the pink shorts poppin' the neutral hues? ;D

I decided to where this look for my errands that day. You know when your heart is so flattered and one day you wake up because your inspired.. XD

What I'm wearing: White V-neck, Fashion House | Vest, D.I.Y. | Pink shorts, some Korean store in 168 | Bag, Salvatore Mann | Socks, Bench | High tops, Mogao

The Original Look:
Tricia's a lil pale to nude. :3 But I'm glad to see my share version! <333 I hope you guys like this look anyway. ;D

Til next time guys!

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