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Monday, April 2, 2012


 As for the delayed (again lol) This was my last look before leaving Baguio. Definitely one of my favorite look. Why? It's because I feel very "boy-next door". Unfortunately I wasn't able to buy myself some fox tail to complete the look, but I'm really glad that the ambiance went along really nice! The simplicity of this look makes me imagine how guys look in those romantic movies, or even those in the commercial ones. I guess I have a very clear photographic memory of those boy next door stereotypes. Nothing stylish, not outstanding, or over accessorized, but relaxed casual, a walk in the park look and just how you imagine your Prince will look like when you stumble him somewhere. There's a bit of Western-ish in this look having the plaids associating with the all time Chucks but I made sure to keep it my style, wearing some specs and a chic khaki belt.

What I'm wearing: Plaids, Paporma | Olive green tank, some korean shop | Skinny low-rise jeans, Top and Bottom |
Khaki belt, Saizen | Corduroy Chucks, Converse Japan

    Looking at the last batch makes me miss Baguio more. A really nice place for look photos, layerings, shopping in thrift shops, learning to be independent and tons of things you will appreciate and discover not only with the place but with yourself as well. It was one of the great adventures I had in my life I should say. Everything was worth treasured. For photos that portray stories behind them? It's a right choice to share the place where it took, stories, memories and experiences behind it. I'm keeping my fingers cross for those adventures in the future.

I'll share with you guys some of my inspirations I got for varieties plaids. 


Tricia Gosingtian

What do you think? Cute looks right? Very relaxed!

You can hype my own plaid look here

Till next look guys!


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