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Sunday, April 22, 2012

✯Let There Be Rock✯

Last last, weekend me and my sister (Kiana) planned for a comeback shoot for LB, since she was so hyped with her a.k.a. "Anne Curtis" outfit (which I was tolerating. lol) and I was up feeling modelesquely confident with my blonde hair. I got a chance to do a shoot for a hot edgy look that I was really stoked to share with you guys. I didn't wanna waste my weekend so I opted to shoot with her despite the scorching heat of the sun. And just because I couldn't take too much fabric on my skin, I'm confident to flaunt my tanks! The original plan was to ride trains and do paparazzi shots of an off duty model look. But I said to check the new mall in Binondo which my sister said to be very "Ayala mall" in aspect (as posted earlier The Lucky Chinatown mall). So we hit the streets of Intramuros, especially the Graffitied part but unfortunately there were too many skater boys. Gladly, we found a really nice background for a very street look shoot.

I just bought this tank recently at Superstar korean store, and will surely wear this often as long as rainy season is not yet to come. I was so inspired with the models in so I just before the "high" was gone, I kicked off a bad ass shoot.

What I'm wearing: Tank op, FIZIJ,  Superstar | Crucifix necklace and bracelet, F&H | New Era, My cousin's | Shades, SM Dept | Red pants, Thrifted | Socks, H&M | Boots, Red Skin | Studded bracelets, Thrifted | Sling bag, Thrifted, Baguio |
The cap is from my cousin which I borrowed. I was just surprised how it went nice on my look. I think without it, it would look incomplete.
Having a blonde hair made me shift a bit to the more edgy side of myself. The inner toughness in me pulled out all my edgy looks out of my closet. But hey, it doesn't mean that I'm leaving the "prim and propper" me. It's just that I'm enjoying every last minute of my hair. As I'm still working the the semi-dark side of The Little Prince. hehehe. Summer.
Hype my look here
While last Christmas season I shopped my sister some clothes to convince her and push her to be more fashion conscious especially that she's coming to school. Well, she's updated bout the current trends but the thing is that I'm overly hype with updating my looks while she borrows my stuffs. LOL XD
What she's wearing: American flag off-shoulder top, somewhere in 168 | Acid washed shorties, Thrifted Baguio | Clubmaster, SM Dept | Black pumps, Thrifted |
Hype her look here

I love it now that my sister is urging her "high" in fashion now that she's on vacation plus the fact that she's so effin bored at home that made her update her Lookbook. hehe. We walk out of the house like dynamic duo of sexiness and it's really obvious that we're really super close to each other. I just hope that she'll be consistent with her LB from now on. AND! that she'll reach my points in LB. hehe!

So instead of stressing ourselves this summer because of intense heat,
let's just pull out our sexiest clothes and werk it!


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