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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tagcom Cosplay Convention

Last Sunday I was supposed to cover my client's shoot for his film, but unfortunately my mom tasked me to buy something in the mall. So with the scorching heat of the afternoon I was all pressured where to go. Maggie was waiting for me at the LRT station that's why I had to pick her up and tell her we had change of plans. We headed to Robinsons Manila to cool down and of course finish errands. To our surprise there was a Cosplay convention. Just so perfect to bring my camera! It was actually my first time to see cosplayers come all together as well as toys I only see in the net. Our eyes were erratically excited as we took pictures with the cosplayers. There were a lot of cute stuffs I saw, and my budget wasn't prepared for something like it. Seeing cute accessories not to mention. LOL. We couldn't help but dig in, trying stuffs on us.

 Why isn’t Inoyasha fair? O.o Meanie! XDD

 Maggie’s crush. Ehem~ T.T
 See? <rolling eyes> LOL
 I don’t know this lady but I liked her hair! XD
I love Sakura but this girl didn’t give justice! XD For her wand - A for effort! 

A lot of kawaii headband! I tried one leopard ears OMG suuu fweakin’ cute on me! *o* 

This guy is from Magic Knight Rayearth! (Did I spelled the last word correctly? XDD
 Can you guys still recognize me? XD

 Trying to get a nice and decent look photo ~ FAIL

 Hidden Badtz-Maru
 Never thought there’s already Saizen here! Cool!

When I was camwhoring in the mirror the sales lady told us
it’s not allowed, within the stall area, like fine!
I won’t sell the photos for profit anyway and
besides I’m only cam whoring our faces. Gahdd.. I miss Baguio! 
 Soul searching. </3

 TOPMA..<3 ??? XDD
Peace sign 4ever! (I dont know them!) XD

 Hoho Lupin! That thief! Love ‘em HOHO XDD
 My hero! XD
 The mistress. XDD LOL

 My co-artist is crazy about Gundam.
Like GOD DAMN u crazy?! LOL XDD

WOOT for the Avengers! Hey guys I’m working on a project you will see in Local Jollibee branch soon!And maybe do a giveaway. Maybe! ;D 

 This kid is soooo hell of a cute OMG!!! >3<

 Look at waht I got hoho I got back with the white cat ring so
I wasn’t able to take it’s pic as well. I think I’ll be wearing these often hoho!
 Roxy asked for my site and contact and maybe could do visual merch for their mannequins.
Also for Quiksilver hihi fingers crossed!
 I should’ve bought honey banana instead! Didn’t liked this green apple float X(

 My look for that day. ;D
Baby suuu cute <3333

Maggie was forcing me to join cosplay conventions like for experience. LOL She was actually wandering girls wanting to take pictures with me like K! XDD As I was thinking what character would be perfect for me? Whatcha think? No over the top costume please! XD

Next post will be bout this outfit.. ;D



  • April 7, 2012 at 10:51 PM
    Anonymous says:

    Tadase from Shugo Chara or Near from Death Note <3

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