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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Apology to whom it may concern,

As I got back from the my real life here in Manila, I never knew that I've provoke to create an issue between me and my 2 buddies in Baguio. I'm an open minded person and I admit that I've became nasty in some part there. To my apology if I may do so towards the people I've left a bad impression with, especially to my special friend Jaro and new friend Jaro Nicandro. I want to clear myself from what had happened. I know I couldn't blame everything with my mood swings but with what happened I could tell that it's one part of my capability of an imperfect human being. I don't last long with those scenarios and as I always been considering it is my "temporary insanity" (as what I call it). I don't know how to make it up, but at least the effort of sharing with you guys what I felt towards it, made my heart felt so guilty. What I can do is sincerely sending a brief apology that hopefully if not erase but replace with ones that I've damaged. Again, even to the people I've encountered in Baguio, I'm sincerely asking for my spare. Apology...



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