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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baguio: Day 1

First day trip to the City of Summer were I had to prepare my stuffs epic early than expected. Why? Excitement! One fact, I was deprived from going there during my early years and now that I've got everything in hand with plans, friends and spontaneity, I have finally packed everything up for a one ride of a stress getaway! Upon meeting Jaro at the terminal of course dilemma wasn't too far from us but still, it went to a flow along with a captivating view. I was like the a little boy dumb-founded myself of looking around and to everything that amused me, while Jaro was my tourist guide. We got ear plugs on along with our diff kind of music. XD And from time to time we slept our way up like forever.

5pm we arrived at the Victory Liner terminal (oh thank God we had a safe ride). Jaro went out first and I was shocked that he was pulled over by his crazy friends Jaro (Comm Arts student John Robert Nicandro who lives in Baguio to whom where we'll live/ same name as him so I'll personally call him Andro instead XD) and Erika (a.k.a. Ekka the DJ which I was surprised she really is. XD). Like I thought he was robbed or what. LOL. It was kinda off at first when they were all chitchatting loudly. haha! But then I was able to jived in and had this and that convers. Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot for my Day 1 LB look because we were caught by the dusk but it's ok. Because there were like infinity upon my eyes. XD

Andro secrely took our photos
Boots <3

Erratic thoughts of excitement and at the same time I was dead tired that we landed at the well known 50's Diner (which I didn't miss the chance of reminding how I wanna see the ambiance and their food.) Absolutely I was challenged by their full plate food that is so sulit! It was incredibly cheap for a full plate of varieties.
People are really diggin' 50's that we're waiting to get a table. :3
Some hungry becks XD

We were so tired to take our blog photos. Thanks to Andro for taking the photos for our blog!
They call this Gangsta Gangsta for Php140.00. See how it's so sulit?
Goofy faces. One of my fave!

Then after we took a cab to Brentwood Village where Andro lives. And they said the cabs are their cheapest everyday transportation in Baguio as they ride it like a jeep because you wouldn't need AC with the cold weather. New! The place is filled with Koreans like drool. LOL. And I should mention how beautiful Andro's place! Finally we dove on our huge bed in his very doll-like house. <Dead tired>

Next blogpost will show a look photo like yey! XD




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