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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain Supreme x Boredom

Hi guys! I feel like already been a long time since I last blogged. (noticing my topblogs rate exceeded 250. LOL XD) Oh well, since I'm still waiting for my other photos from Baguio (*ehemm! XD) I got chock-full of blog posts on pending and been skipping on some blah blahs. XD But I don't wanna leave you guys behind! So yes after payday I feel like broke again after of course paying bills and my sister's tuition fee (yes, I do pay my sister's tuition fee because I'm the bread & butter of the family. XD) It was all rainy that day and I was really on the hype of dressing up. So I wore up my boots on and used my new black satchel bag I bought from Baguio. (Sorry didn't bring Brent because I was afraid he might get wet from the rain, like I didn't wanna take the risk XD) I decided to go in SM and check if my customed contact lenses were ready to picked up, but unfortunately they said that the outlet didn't notify them regarding my lens and will just text me when it's already with them. So I roamed around while waiting for Maggie (my college who's been ages since I last went out!).

I came back for the red clubmaster (which I was planning to wear on my shoot with Jeff Yarra) but then they said they already ran out of it and left with a leopard print (I felt like dying) I bought that leopard print club master because I didn't wanna miss the chance of not having a Php99.00 club master in hand. Then I saw this red wayfarer in the men's section and grabbed it. Like I thought it's a better alternative than without having any red cool shades. I dumb-founded myself having 2 shades in hands. XD I also luckily bought a polka-dotted socks which I'm already excited to wear with one of my quirkiest looks. (I will come back for the other grey one promise!)  Now I'm saying good luck to myself in the midst of my working days because I need to budget my allowance. XD The day was filled up with lots and lots of laughs as the usual thing to see with us. I wish to see our friend Sharmaine real soon too!

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