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Monday, March 12, 2012


Hi guys! I'm back from Baguio! Well since I'm waiting for my photos from Jaro I'll leave you this look for the mean time. ;) It was a sort of delayed post. One boring weekend I dragged my sister for a stroll slash shoot for my look photos. Lol. I know she couldn't resist me. I just hate staying at home and watch the day goes by without doing anything. I'm not being productive on that manner. I don't want my offs to be wasted for nothing. I know I need to relax and rest but I usually regret when I stay at home the whole weekend. Lol. Weird

Anywhooooo! Talking about relaxed look is this outfit. I found myself cruising contrasts shades of salmon against denim blue. People from Lookbook really inspire me to try experimenting different hues and come up with a very interesting look. Besides I wanna try something else other than nude tones. For a cover-up, my most comfy ever flowing soft cardigan. I'm fond nowadays with easy put-ons. I'm highlighting my flats as well which makes me more lazy to wear my boots because my flats are the comfiest of all! I'm trying my best not to be lazy with my shoes. Paired it with gold necklace and anything goes with my bracelets with same shades. :3

It somehow reminds me of Carlos Concepcion's "Bum" look though. Lol. What else relies a bum look but wearing tanks and putting a cover-up. Lol. 

P.S.: I was supposed to wear my weaved suede headband with feathers on it but I'll spare it for summer I guess!

What I'm wearing: Salmon tank, MOGAO | Blue pants, Paporma | Grey cardigan, Muradito | Skull necklace, Rebel Gear | Pink flats , SM Dept |  Rope Suede, SM Accessories |  Khaki Plated bracelet, Landmark | Bands, Thrifted | Gold deer ring and feather, Thrifted in 168

Hype this look here

Hype this look here


  • March 13, 2012 at 3:46 AM
    chocoandpink says:

    Great outfit...i love your style...(。'▽'。)♡

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