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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blonde Ambition

I'm rattling myself with something new for my hair. I want to have a new flair because I feel so bored bout my forever light havana hair color. Plus for some reason along the way it fades dark. >_<' Being with blondes is such a contagious!  So I finally wanna give it a try. I gathered some nice blonde touch for my bangs. And bumped with inspired blended hair of  orange and blonde as where I exactly want to spot my blonde. BANGS!
Jonghyun of Shinee is a perfect peg for my Blonde Ambition. XD Of course not the exact same thing! I want to have it gradually and not a bomb blonde of surprise. XD Any-who! I hope I can justify my peg! >3<'
 bangs only
full on the sides

I tried editing my photo if somehow I can foresee what will I look like with the same highlights. XD

Now tell me watcha think? Which one suits best? XD

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