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Monday, March 19, 2012

Baguio: Day 2

It was Day 2 in Baguio. Bright sunny, chillin' morning as I cam whored around our bed room. ☀☃Stuffs were everywhere, my things and his were everywhere.  XD Really nice place to stay at. ✔ We finally got our sleepy heads around 10-ish and prepared ourselves for our first stop, the Bell Church (like I had no idea what does it look like). Jaro told me to wear something really light because I might sweat a lot like I use to in Manila. XD I layed all my outfits as I kept on asking which is which to wear for that day. LOL (O.C. much I know XD) He said we'll be visiting their school University of Cordillera, so I thought I should look dashing in prep style. All done with the right pastels and I'm glad Jaro liked it as it really feels good to wear on a very great day in a very colorful place to stay like Brentwood Village. Everything was just so positive and sweet!

my bag
my mess
I loved how the sunlight spreads the attic to the other side of the room
Important stuffs to bring :3
Glimpse of how beautiful the house was
Jaro preparing breakfast
The interior is like in the states.
what I wore
mi breakfast. yum
Catsup #8
The two Jaros were so into flags!
That one is not a mayo guys! It's cooking oil! Got thick because of cold weather. XD
Jaro's painting <3
mi boots

We rode a cab to Bell Church a Chinese temple where people could pray and take pictureslike it's a little China in Baguio
those two
Didn't come with them because I was so exhausted to hike up plus the heat of the sun. XD
Love em thrifted boots <3
It was very sacred and soulful to be there. I felt it's more quiet than in Binondo. hehe. I took some look photos of Jaro complimenting his red flagged shirt which I think is his best one because he looks some British prep! ;3 After which we went down and some visitors mentioned like one of us looks so David Guison, like it was the funniest ever that day! XD (I'm sure it was not me looking all prepped up pastel XD)
Light x Dark
We got off the David humor and went to their school at UC. We roamed around the campus with a bit of awkwardness on my part as total new face of the campus (I hope they won't connotate me and my look as one Regina George in the movie Mean Girls XD). Plus Jaro seemed to be well-known in the campus with his hi's and hellos to everyone. We decided to have our lunch at their school canteen since it was already hot outside. Chit chat some of their introduced friends. I must say it's cool that there is an obvious cult divisions in their canteen like ones we seen on American teen movies. Very Mean Girl-ish moment I must say! LOL XD Oh how I miss my school and being a student!
Jaro's Book - The Little Prince <3
My lunch
The balcony is just in front of SM Baguio which is so cool because I'd be staring from afar all day if I studied here. LOL
While waiting for Andro's (as what I personally chose to call Jaro Nicandro) class to start. We cam-whored.
Class? hihi
Me playing like a mean professor. hurrhurr!
Where are the students at?!?! O.O
Some "candid"
trio <3
This is where we got a chance to "sit in" with his Photo Journ class held by Sir Kurt
which made it more exciting and missed more more of my college days esp basic photog class.
Somehow refreshed my lessons. <3
Me and Jaro were murmuring bout 1 student if he's wearing Marc Ecko or Marc Jacobs shoes XD
Midway of their class we sneaked out and shopped at the ukay-ukay (thrift shop) place where I didn't know where to start when I first got my foot on. XD I got stuffs for my sister because there were a lot for girls and had hard time finding for my petite boy body. XD I thought I will be disappointed because I only got for my sister but then Jaro brought me to where he usually refers for his shoes and I found a nice pair of sandals which I didn't have in my rack. We were asking for discount yet we lost but I still didn't get away without it. XD 
Look! My recent project is already posted! XD
My work. Suu proud of myself <3
Along the sidewalk we headed for my fox tail but unfortunately I wasn't able to get even a single fur of it. ;'< I was so disappointed like that's one of the reason why I'm in Baguio like hello fox tail vendors! If you're reading this I hope you could throw me one pls! X( Anyway! I treated Jaro for some cheese burger because walked ourselves to starve for nothing. After which I tried to up lift myself with some photos on the road as if I'm in Japan.^o^v ♡
What I love about this photos is that it looks like the narrow streets in Japan
Goofy Prince XD
Decided to retreat in SM Baguio as our quarters for food and place to compose ourselves from everything.
And tried our first attempt to shoot for my look photos, but then there was a lot of dark areas at the back of SM plus
the guards kept on watching at us stepping on the grass. XD I wanted to step on it because I thought the look is
so spring and that it would look pretty if I surrounded by green.

Look at the grass! <3

Jaro was so pissed with his hair and erratically headed to the cheapest barbershop to have a quick trim while I did the instructions. XD
The adventure that day had a mix of something unexpected as I encountered some uneducated entity of a woman who knocked me off my state of euphoria in Mcdo. Gracefully got rid of BV and walked it thru. Realizing the aftermath of shopping is losing money without having enough shopping bag for myself! I was like in panic mode. So I swore that I need to shop again tomorrow! Do or die! And dragged Jaro to the grocery section to buy our food and save up for tomorrow's errands! I'm glad I had to be the budget freak among the 3 of us which I don't really do back in Manila especially at home! XD We finally went home dead tired, ate ourselves for dinner then hit the bed... ☠

Day 2 Hello Day 3! ✔

I'll post my look photos for DAY 2 as a separate blog.



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