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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Robot and Tiktok

True that sometimes we feel that things are ironic to the point that we sometimes tend to misunderstand our feelings. We are discontented with somethings that we have and for some, they're already done with it and just wanted to make themselves happy by entertaining themselves like buying a new stuff or treating self with their guilty pleasures.

Yesterday I've had my down fall and it seemed like I'm giving everything up because I'm already tired. Tired of giving and being the good guy. First, I set myself apart by having some space of my own. Second, I entertained myself by blogging, conceptualizing, dreaming perhaps? And shopping even a little for myself. Went to Saizen and bought myself a watch and a cute necklace, which I was intended to look for a cute socks. I felt hungry and despite the fact that I'm avoiding myself from spending too much for a day til my budget reaches the payday, I didn't refuse to eat myself for dinner. It was fast and lonesome but my music accompanied me, and I still had a bit of a smirk.

I didn't bother anyone in the bus all the way home even looking at my phone. For all I knew was that I'm tired of being my old self, my sweet old self who's been consistently clingy. And decided to turn the table round to refresh my value. I bet you'd say that this is one of the most serious blogs I've got and so was yesterday. But to share with you the story behind the picture above is worth blogging...



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