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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's been a year...

    February 16 when is the exact day that I left the world of contact center and started working as an official G.A.. I never noticed that it's already been a year since then. I got a glimpse of what was in the past when I personally received this health card from our HR. I don't know when will I be staying here, but one thing is sure. That I won't stay long as my heart belongs to fashion. I've been thankful with the huge names that builds my portfolio for the past year and more as well as on the other hand I also have my share of complains as there  are no perfect company in the real world. I am living my life in opportunity and making the best of what I can. Not abusing myself, balancing my life and of course social life. For I wouldn't sacrifice anything that regards my health.

    On a lighter note, it was never a huge deal on my part having a title or something. I am spontaneous and I'm throwing up stress away from my way. Our Head Creative mentioned that I'm already considered as one of the Senior Artist, which was very surprising and overwhelming. I was just speechless because I didn't expect to hear that. I admit I hate responsibilities. I'm a traditional type of guy and I play safe. That's why it wasn't really a big deal for me. I thought of just being the same old artist of my own who consistently comes to work for a living and enjoys off during the weekends. Hence, I realized I can never be any super hero. because ever since I have this talent, this skill, I've always been setting responsibilities aside. Probably partly because I hate stressing myself too much. I hate pressure. I'd make it a point that every task will be easy for me. I know it's not so right standing on my views, but that's how I live up at the moment.



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