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Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Blues

I had a quite boring weekend, but then I managed to rest and do all things that I have to finished. >3< I  needed to save for our Baguio trip this coming Friday. *Yey! Cos for sure I will spend a lot on clothes there. <3 Yeah I know it was sooo boring that even if I had no plans of spending any cent, I still went out to check out my favorite accessories store if they have new rings. XD It is just the cheapest! There are a lot in 168 but so far this store is like the one in Quiapo where there are rings that would cost 3 for Php100! Aside from buying unisex ones so I could use them whenever I want too but it very essential also with some shoots that I need to style. \(^0^)/ I wish I could squeeze my budget all in till we get back from Baguio. So I can bring that "someone" who erratically wants to go in 168. LOL.

Speaking of that "someone" (LOL) Deadline for submission for his 1st blog giveaway will end soon! (March 14) So guys need to hurry up if you just wanna have those cutie accessories he'll be giving away! I'm keeping my fingers cross that there'll be more sponsors for us so blogging would be more exciting than ever with your participation! ;D



*An extension of promotion is intended all for the love of blogging, Your participation is our happiness.. ;3



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