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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

♡Strawberry Cheesecake♡

One day, upon mix & matching my clothes before going to work. I tried combining my pastel red sweater with my cheesy pants (as I normally do every working days). A thought if it would work with my cheesy pants as the least option I got (since I have no white pants in my closet which is the usual pair) I instantly fell for the entire look as it reflects softness and gentleness. I left the chest part with a thin crisp of silver necklace so that it won't look busy and remain the subtleness of the entire look.

Gave an extra touch of pink on the back part of my pants with my hanky that served a purpose and created an accent.
I added a bit of "caramel flavor" so to speak for the belt to create a cut between the berry shade
and cheese. For the shoe part I wore a plain flat pair of black shoes contrasting the 2 palettes as I still referred to my color wheel.
Flowers = Perfect match
A walk in the park + Cold atmosphere + Heat of the sun.
Simple touches for the accessories: Black and khaki platted suedes from Landmark while for the rings
I wore a stoned signature ring from Folded & Hung and a quirky mustache ring I got in one of the jewelry store in Quiapo.
I decided to bring this to Baguio because summer is coming and it's already taking too long to be posted on my LB account. I tried wearing it my grey pants but it went a bit dull on the lower part. But I'm glad now to share with you one of my dashing and favorite looks as it reflects my main style.

What I'm wearing: Red pastel pull over, Mint | Cheesy pants, Jewel | Khaki belt, 168 | Black flats, SM Dept.

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