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Monday, March 26, 2012

Baguio: Day 3


This was the 3rd day of my tour in Baguio with the 2 Jaros. We spent the morning with a movie "Holiday", and after which we rested again. As I oath the day before that I will buy more for myself, I had to prepare and come with Jaro because I will be left at home since Andro will deliver his laundry. The plan was to roam around the night market by 9pm so I had no choice but to come with them. We did an early look photo shoot (as if it was our daily routine. lol) And gone in separate ways. Me and Jaro waited for his friend (I forgot her name. lol) to pick up the clothes that she needed to disposed at the same time waiting for Andro in SM Baguio.

Rebel Gear gold skull necklace

Jewel shirt | Chase blazer | Bossini black pants

We separated ways again to have my look photos done and I had to catch up the market for my "pasalubong"(souvenirs). Roamed around Harrison Road to kill time and after shopping an old lady told me to pray always (like out of the blue!). So I had goosebumps, felt weak and really bothered by what she just said. Jaro kept on explaining that I don't have to worry about it because it happens all the time with his friends. We headed to the Cathedral to pray and give thanks since it was Sunday. Jaro didn't choose to come inside the church and just took photos instead because he was just wearing tank top.

ICON Eyewear | Thrifted Elephant ring | Thrifted from 168 deer and studded rings

I felt relieve after praying though I admit I'm really a scaredy cat even with those simple kind of scenarios. (Probably being a creative person gives me an exaggerated visions about everything that could happen. XD) We were supposed to go home after feeling so tired around Baguio but then I forgot to withdraw my money for the night market. We went our way to the atm near the stop where we're supposed to ride back home but then all of the atms of my account were offline trying different ones along our way back to SM to eat and take a cab from there. It was just 2 hrs before the night market so we just rested after eating dinner as we watched performance of dance groups held at the side of SM. We went to ZEN tea to checked if Andro were done with their meeting as I was mesmerized with the ambiance they have there. I wanted to have a look photo taken there if I would have another chance!

Sponsored weave suede | Tickles gold chain | Thrifted black beads | Folded&Hung feather suede |
gold plated bracelet
| Landmark plated suede | Tomato time

Saizen socks | RED SKIN Boots

Hype this look here

We decided to go back home to drop first our stuffs before going to the night market. While we were heading the streets I felt like a bad luck because there were guys strangling and throwing things that scared me. But those things didn't take long as I was excited to see the long row of clothes on the streets. I really took the time to check out each and every part so I won't miss a thing while Jaro served as my escort to have my discount. lol

After roaming along the night market, I only got myself a few stuffs because there were a lot for the guys and only few things of my taste. I got a bag, a beanie, earrings, socks, and a dream catcher phone charm which you will see soon with my look photos. *wink

Next post is our last day look in Baguio!



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