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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's a Cute World After All

This was what I've been doing for a couple of days ago that I almost forgot to share with you guys (specifically blog for those who are not constantly visiting my blogsite. <rolling eyes> ROFL! XD) So in one big time shot I dwelt my free time to make a quick vector of what my real world would be. I just felt the my site really sucked with a plain boring white. LOL. You don't know how lazy I am to create such detailed header like this guys! LOL. As you can see, it's all cuteness and with shades of pastel. Bright world, colorful, with no stress at all. Thumbs-up! XD

AND! Of course with the help of mi bunny Jaro, who's been editing back and forth my blogsite to make it more perfect in my sight I'm very thankee! XD Well he's been making parinig ever since I finally made a streamer for my site, that it's so hell of a cute and that if I will make him one he won't change it ever! So K. T.T One hell of a night I spent for an overtime I managed to quickly initiated with his character. (Bad Ass cutie, in detailed!) I used Adobe Illustrator (AI) So it's easy to be detailed and every single thing is not pixelated plus it's the icon of the site. He can use it whenever he'll create some other medium in his site and it won't pixelate. X3


He wanted me to put up that American hat on the right but I refused because he'll look like a president fool and it'll wreck the entire cuteness. XDDD
(I thought I won't be able to find a free camera vector download. Yay!)

Building up the entire thing in Photoshop (PSD) + some downloaded DETAILED houses I downloaded (emphasized on the detailed because his is more detailed than my header. fufufu! ;<)

I sent him the files so he can just alter it with his type of swatches and look at what he did!

The land is freezing cold as it looks like + the sky is falling beige + the clouds seem to look like puffs of cigarette. *Bad boy! XDD
Anyway it's his personality and it'll be his for like forever! So at least I'm proud to look at what I created for mi bad boy bunny. ;3

Suuuuu kyoooot hoho~ (^o^)v

Hope you guys like it! ;D



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